As a teacher I derive a lot of joy out of immersing myself in learning.  Creating new content for courses is as much a learning journey as it is preparation for teaching.  It also gets me back into the shoes of a learner, having a crack at new things, failing miserably, having a cuppa, and then taking another stab at it.  To love what I do creates genuine enthusiasm for what I teach, allowing me to convey genuinely and honestly a love of growth through learning. For me satisfaction comes when I see a shift in a person’s willingness to explore and discover, when I see people realise that failure and mistakes are natural parts of learning… to fail is to grow, because you realise you have something to learn, and you also learn what doesn't work!  Just as important as learning what does work, if not more so.  I don’t want to teach people how to pass an assessment. I want to teach them how to bounce when they fail!

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